The Saga Continues

I Hate Dell

I’m worried this page is going to become nothing but an anti-Dell site.

Current XPS status: The tech showed up. The computer worked fine for him so he didn’t replace the motherboard. He updated the BIOS. We turned it on and off again more than a dozen times. It worked. I thanked him and he left. I worked on it for the rest of the afternoon. Turned the computer off. Later that evening I opened the lid…

It wouldn’t boot up. Same shit as before.

Called Dell. The guy on the phone was apologetic. I roasted his company a little.

Me: “You realize I am now doing my work on a ten year old Mac Mini?”

Him: “Wow, that must be slow.”

Me: “Sure, but it still turns on.”

On Christmas Eve, Dell shipped me a box. I packed up the XPS and dropped it off at Purolator.

Current Status: “A tech is fixing your computer. One or more parts are Delayed.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If I get this thing back and it acts up again, I’m going to take it outside and back over it with my car. More than once.