My Recording Rules

This is a picture of my music project binder:

The cover is a print out of this little note I made for myself in 2019 while I was in the midst of self inflicted mixing crisis. I no longer have the original note (or, rather, I have no idea where it’s hiding) but I still do my best to follow these simple rules when I’m working on a project.

      • Use the DAW as if it were tape.
      • Don’t overthink, never over edit.
      • 350.0 Hz is ugly.
      • If possible, no more than 24 tracks.
      • No more than 4 plugins per track.
      • Serve the song at all times, and at all times serve the song.

While it’s impossible to adhere to all of these all the time; perfection is the enemy of the good and whatnot, this list has served me well especially working on older equipment.

Remember that less can be more and working with your limitations will always help see you to the end of whatever project you’re working on.