They Knew You Before You Were Famous – Lyrics

They Knew You Before They Were Famous

Lyrics and Music by Nicholas Toone. ©2022.

So here they are again
They’re scratching at your door again
I gotta say that they’re surprised you went and showed your face again
They all came and paid the fee
And crowded close reluctantly aware …
( …of the expected beats that never, ever came to be… )

Now they’re not sure this is the place
And they’re not sure yours is the face
It seems to them the entertainment promised somehow was erased
So here they are again
They’re scratching at your door again
‘Cos they’re upset that you’d neglect
To genuflect only to them

That’s what was said, yes
That’s exactly what they said
Screaming under the pandemonium of your adulating rank and file

That’s what was said, yes
That’s exactly what was said
“Why did you change your style and leave us exiled in favour of everything we revile?”

(you must … they want you to … you must)

Twist and dance and spin
Exactly like your first time in
The pale light of the barfly stages, part time jobs, minimum wages
Starve so you can feed your muse
Allow the world to turn its screws
Don’t think about what’s captivating; hit repeat they’re right here waiting

From the start they advocated
So long as you were compensated
Less than they would ever see which would serve to guarantee that
They’ll be here again
They’re knocking on your door again
‘Cos they’re surprised that you’d decide to not capitulate to them


They’ll commiserate and flagellate
But there’s no chance they’ll abdicate
The righteousness and piousness that they employ to deviate themselves
… from what they view as tainted
Squeaky clean, contaminated with the pleasures of the masses
Just ignore rose coloured glasses

Chop your roots and plant new seeds
Nostalgia’s where they group to feed and
Castigate you if you haven’t spent enough time on your knees
Look, here they are again
They’re kicking in your door again
‘Cos they’re confused that you’d refuse their retrospective schemes again