It’s quite easy to be super artistic and it’s relatively easy to be really, really pop. There’s this little tiny piece in the middle that meets that very few people ever get to where … it’s a song that speaks to millions and millions of people, not just on the pop side but also on on the artistic side.

It’s actually very difficult to be an artist in the sense that people often confuse self indulgence with artistry. There are a great many people out there who are behaving with immense self indulgence believing that it’s art when in fact it’s something that’s highly forgettable and will only resonate for a short time with people who confuse self indulgence with art … where the people who are capable of expressing themselves through a medium and are legitimately artists are few and far between.

… the people who are able to marry art with commerce in a way where they’re able to touch people, to resonate with them, and make something that’s enduring? That is a unicorn.

– Michael Beinhorn & Warren Huart – PLAP Interview, 2019 .