Music I Used To Listen To: Sacrifice

Every once and awhile, just for fun, I’m going to listen to some music I enjoyed when I was a teenager and and post about what I think of it now.

Today’s entry is Sacrifice: “Forward to Termination

There is not a ton about Sacrifice or this album out there. They have a Wikipedia page that covers the history of the band but contains no linked pages to the main members or any of their albums.

I came across them via Much Music when the video for Re-animation came on. It floored me. And the next day all my friends were talking about Sacrifice.

I never got a chance to see Sacrifice perform, however in 2001 someone passed me a video of them live and I was not overly impressed. They played the songs perfectly but in between each song they would tune their instruments and/or stand around for far too long. There was no flow to their set at all.

Today? Still love this album. I don’t spend much time listening to Metal in my old age but every once and a while I’ll put on Forward To Termination and it still feels good.

Side note: Flames of Armageddon was a fave track of min back in 87 and sits well with me all these years later.