Call The Wahhhhambulance!!!!

Shut up, Scott Ian. Just please shut the fuck up.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not the Internet. It’s that no one cares all that much about you anymore (if they ever did. Anthrax was always the weakest of The Big Four):

… it’s interesting that Scott Ian blames the internet seeing as how Stomp 442 only sold 115,000 units and it was released a near full five years before the whole mp3 downloading thing exploded. And their last album in 2011? It sold about 110,000. As for the two albums in-between (each which sold south of 100,000)… well maybe some of it was due to downloading but don’t forget that they were also released prior to The Big Four tour that kinda put you back on the Metal map a little bit. And seriously, until that tour in 2010, Anthrax was not on everyone’s mind (and how many NEW songs did you play on the Big Four tour, and subsequent tours? Right. Nostalgia act).

I’m so very sick and tired of these dinosaurs complaining about how things ain’t like they used to be. Go ahead Scott. Delete your website and social media accounts. Pull your music from iTunes, Spotify, and wherever else it’s available digitally. Pull the physical media from Amazon. Sell your shit only in physical record stores. See where that will get you.

No? Then shut the fuck up.