Alternate Dinner Plans, The Aftermath

That… was fun.

I really have no other way to describe it. Five courses. Seven people. We wined and dined from 7pm until nearly midnight and it was a complete success.

I’ll go into more detail about the preparations later in subsequent posts. For now, I’ll post the final menu with the drink parings.

Note: the drinks in brackets were for a friend who does not drink wine. In lieu of this he was presented with a selection of rum drinks.


Menu For July 18, 2015



Cherry tomatoes, balsamic “caviar”, olive “soil”, Ontario organic feta, cucumber, asparagus shoots, bread stick (cumin & thyme).

East Dell Pinot Grigio VQA 2013
(Rum & Coke)


Chilled avocado soup with crisp pancetta, crème fraiche, lime and dill.



Red and yellow beets, goat cheese foam, maple glazed walnuts, sunflower micro greens with orange vinaigrette, basil flowers.

Cuvée 525 Still Cider; St. Jospeph-du-Lac QC
(Fresh Raspberry Daiquiri)


Dobson Farms organic prime rib, red wine and mushroom reduction, horseradish cream sauce, mashed potato croquettes,  sesame haricots, organic heirloom carrots (maple syrup and dill).

Lighthouse Cabernet Franc VQA 2013
(Dark & Stormy)


Red wine poached pears, vanilla bean mascarpone cream, pistachios.

Peller Estates Vidal Ice Wine VQA 1997
(Blueberry Daiquiri)